Multicategories Component for Joomla!1.5 Released! Печать
Автор: Mike Milkman   
29.04.2010 06:59

Here is our first release of Multicategories Component for Joomla!1.5. The version 1.0.0 has the basic functionality that includes:

  • multiple categories structure - you are able to create complex multilevel site structure with unlimited subcategory level;
  • multicategory articles - you can assign a single article to several categories and it will be displayed in each of them;
  • deep visual and functional integretion with Joomla!1.5 core.

There is no need to patch Joomla! core files, Multicategories Component for Joomla!1.5 is free to use and released under GNU/GPL, so all copyrights and links to our site must be present and visible. To download the component please go to Multicategories Component for Joomla!1.5 project page.

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